About the Trust

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About the Trust

Who we are :

Revelation Educational Trust is an educational organization to educate the under privileged children in and around Bangalore and enhance their future.

As an organization, it firmly believe that lack of education is the prime cause of the slow development rate in most of the villages.

Our objectives: –

  • To build a school that would cater to the below average children.
  • To give education in par with the international standard.
  • To give education that is not only literal wisdom but also food for their souls.
  • To uplift their standard of living.
  • Educating them to be independent,confident in their field of interest.
  • Planned to give professional courses like, various degrees in arts, science, commerce, engineering, medical.
  • Planned to start an industry to provide practical knowledge & employment to the successful students.
  • It looks forward for your gracious support, however the size of amount it would be appreciated.

It will go a long way in forwarding our cause. All your gracious support will build an international school.

Advisory Board / Trustees

  • Founder & Managing Trustee – Titus J
  • Treasurer – Havila Titus
  • Trustee – Rev. Pastor C.D Joseph


Volunteers / Consultants

Volunteering for a noble cause brings in a sense of sensitivity towards humanity. We are in need of volunteer who can bring a change to our society. Their area of concern is to raise funds to build schools for underprivileged children of our society. Your ideas and creativity can be of great help to educate children and empower them to live independently. The volunteers can raise funds by organizing events, shows, crowd funding etc.,

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
Henry Ford


List of Volunteers & Consultants


  1. Shri. Desigan – Auditor – Accounts
  2. Mr. Jude – Consultant – Legal
  3. Mr. Jayasheelan – Engineer
  4. Mr. Edward – Builder, Developer & Educationalist
  5. Dr. Raja – NGO Society Leader, Tamil Nadu
  6. Mr. Amit – Electronic Media
  7. Capt. C. Sabapathy – Army Captain (Retd)
  8. Mr. Shivaprakash – Consultant – Tax
  9. Mrs. Persiyal M – Central Government Officer
  10. Mrs. Smitha Lily – Ex. Army Major
  11. Mr.Prince U.S.A
  12. Mr. Bennet Benjamin – Social Worker & NGO Managing Trustee



  1. Dr. Benjamin
  2. Ms. Jackuline B.Sc (Nursing)
  3. Ms. Sonia (College Student)
  4. Mr. G Raju (Builder & Developer)
  5. Mr. Elango Immauel (Technical Head Solar Water Heater)
  6. Mr. Franklin (Software Analyst)
  7. Ms. Suja (Team Leader – Architect)
  8. Mrs. Merlyin (Educationalist)
  9. Mrs. Phebeyal (Advisor)
  10. Mr. Subin (Consultant – Real Estate)
  11. Mr. Thankamani (Head Master (Retd))
  12. Ms. Sarojini (Head Master (Retd))
  13. Mr. Samson (ITC)
  14. Mr. Dennis S (Head Master (Retd))
  15. Mr. R. M Dennis (Panchayat President)
  16. Mr. Dennis (Educationist)