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Rabindranath Tagore once said,’Don’t limit a child to your learning, for he was born in another time’. A child spends most of the time at school, where he learns a lot more than academic.  He learns sharing, making friends, co-operating with his peers, obeying, working as a group, taking up challenges, judging people, taking decisions, managing time.  Until he is given a chance to involve himself in a multi-cultural environment, he might not be able to respect every culture and religion. A child might go on a trip and learn various things which he might not be able to learn staying at home. He will definitely not get a chance to perform various scientific experiments at home, which he for sure will have to take part in schools and colleges. He might be able to get bookish knowledge but in real world we need a lot more than just some factual information about various subjects.

Some people might argue that its safer for a child to study at home, but then, one day he has to step out and find out what the real world is like. He might not be able to tackle situations, mix up with people and thus, might lose confidence. Parents might also be able to provide them with the best faculty or teach them on their own but then, he would miss upon the knowledge, other students might obtain due to group discussions. He won’t be able to take part in various competitions and might not be able to compare his abilities and hence improvise.He might follow the religion, his parents guide him to but, he might not be able to chose a path on his own. Every person has a limited knowledge and whatever a parent knows, he might be able to teach his child but the child will be negligent of other knowledgeable things and new developments around and of-course, the child will not be able to explore but become dependent on his parents.

I strongly believe that children should be sent to schools and colleges. ‘Education is not preparation of life, it is life itself’. Parents should not keep their children at home, thinking they are safe indoors but instead, should send them to an educational institution whereby, they can develop various characteristics and enhance their knowledge by sharing.

Amazing is  the power of education when learnt together in schools!

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